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The Story of Antigone

Tale in music for crows, wild dogs, curses, tyrants, tombs & girls in bloom

VICENZA, Teatro Olimpico, 29th September 2012


La disfida della Zanzara e della Barbera
(the mosquito and Barbera duel)

CASALBELTRAME (Novara), 14 June 2008


On the occasion of the opening of ZANZARinFESTA, an exhibition of work by Giovanni Tamburelli held at the Museo Materima in Casalbeltrame, Gad Lerner and Sebastiano Vassalli found themselves protagonists in a duel (umpired by the indisputable Nico Orengo). Here one of the contenders battled it out to defend the need to exterminate this nasty little creature that breeds in the shallow waters in the Vercelli region and in the hills around Monferrato and Turin; then the other promoted a peaceful cohabitation with the same parasite that has been a resident of the 'Bassa' for more than half a millennium. Highlights of the evening's contest were recorded on a video by Ugo Giletta.

Operazione Zanzara
(Operation mosquito)


Operation Mosquito grew from an idea by Sebastiano Vassalli. It began in 2008 when 170 letters were sent to Mayors, provincial councillors and local newspaper editors in the towns in the province of Vercelli, Novara and Pavia – Italy's rice growing region. In the letter – reproduced here – the well known – writer puts forward the idea that roundabouts in the region could be adorned with monuments to the mosquito, created by Giovanni Tamburelli. The aim of Vassalli's proposal was that of exorcising – not without a touch of irony – the region of the presence of this little parasite that, despite being annoying, has inhabited the region for centuries. By erecting monuments to the mosquito in this region and turning it into a sort of pet mascot, the rice growing region and its waters would acquire an identity not unlike that of Castalia that has instead chosen the bull as its symbol.

(The Eel)

ISOLABONA (Imperia), 5 August 2007


This performance was thought up by Nico Orengo, realized by Giovanni Tamburelli and filmed by Ugo Giletta, much to the amusement of the (in)voluntary participants and townsfolk of Isolabona, holidaymakers in the Ligurian town and the local band, which composed a special 'eel anthem' for the occasion.

The event was preceded by a build–up campaign that announced the presence of a huge and mysterious eel in the area: a rarity, because none of these large fish had actually been seen at Isolabona for some time. Such was the state of suspense and anticipation generated that the event drew in a huge crowd (and security forces). And when two large painted iron eels were found in the river, a colourful party was organised for the benefit of kids and adults…
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