Giovanni Tamburelli

Giovanni Tamburelli was born in Turin on 1 October 1952, but he has always lived and worked in Saluggia (Vercelli). The son, grandson and great–grandson of blacksmiths, after studying graphics at the Paravia Institute in Turin he travelled widely and read extensively, which led him to flank his artistic work with writing poems. His friendship with Maurizio Corgnati has played a fundamental role in his development.

He has exhibited in many Italian cities (Turin, Milan, Pisa, Genoa, Rome…) and abroad (Paris Barcelona, Zurich, Mexico City, Lugano and Köln). To present catalogues of his exhibitions, writers like Nico Orengo, Sebastiano Vassali, Gad Lerner and Frédérick Tristan (Prix Concourt). His literary work inspired the interest of Giorgio Calcagno, Fabrizio Dentice, Giampaolo Dossena and Lodovico Terzi.

Literature critics who have written about him include Giorgio Calcagno, Fabrizio Dentice, Giampaolo Dossena and Lodovico Terzi, and in the field of art we find Gillo Dorfles, Martina Corgnati and Francesco de Bartolomeis. biennale He has published a number of artist’s books, each illustrated by a different artist Weiner Vaccari, Victor Kastelic, Gareth Fisher and one together with Aldo Mondino. He collaborates with the art book publisher Pulcinoelefante, edited by Alberto Casiraghy, and is included in the Encyclopedia dell’Arte Moderna (Zanichelli, 2004). In 2011, he was invited by Vittorio Sgarbi to the 54th Biennal of Venice – Padiglione Italia. In 2016 a large monograph edited by Alessandra Ruffino, Hotel du Tambour - Giovanni Tamburelli: una vita a fuoco, was published by Umberto Allemandi & C (see → fiche).